Strategic Content & Marketing Partnerships

WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is the only web platform specifically targeting women entrepreneurs, 40+. We are actively developing key partnerships with businesses and organizations whose content, products and services meet the needs of our community.

We offer partners the opportunity to connect with a community that extends your reach and deepens your connection to our key audiences, building awareness & loyalty for your brand. We’ll help you fine-tune your content and messaging to most powerfully interact with women who are launching and growing their businesses online and off.

From sharing your blogposts and videos to online events featuring your experts, social media, focus groups & influencer outreach campaigns, we can craft a range of opportunities to connect your brand with an engaged audience. 

Content marketing opportunities are available in a variety of formats including blopgosts, videos, Google Video Hangouts on Air, event sharing and other offline experiences.



We are eager to partner with companies offering products and services that enhance the ability for women to launch, run and grow their businesses, increase their productivity and enable them to leverage technology to their advantage. We are currently seeking and developing relationships with companies that offer small business marketing tools, productivity and lifestyle apps, financial tools and services, educational products and services and e-commerce and web hosting platforms. 



We’re actively engaging partners to participate in pilot advertising programs on our flagship brand, WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT. Our site members are reinventing their careers and connecting the dots of their significant experience to create 1,200 new businesses a day. They’re filling in gaps in their knowledge and seeking the expertise they need to build their businesses online and in the real world.

We’re eager to work with you to create custom campaigns that support women entrepreneurs in all stages of developing their businesses, strategically building awareness and engagement for your brands and bringing your products and experts into the conversation via blog content, video, social media and events.


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